We can perform the following on your website:

Functionality Testing
Used to check if your website is working as per the specifications you intended for it. This is ensuring all links working correctly, testing forms, testing cookies, test HTML and CSS and business workflows.
Usability Testing
This is a vital part of any web based project. This is testing the navigation and the site content such as images, capturing spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
Interface Testing
Key areas are tested here. Application – Test requests are sent correctly to the Database and output at the client side is displayed correctly, Web Server – Test it is handling all application requests without any service denial, Database Server – Make sure queries sent to the database give expected results.
Compatibiliy Testing
Same website in different browsers will display differently. Likewise, you need to make sure the website works fine for various combinations of Operating Systems. This testing ensures all this works.
Security Testing
This is vital especially for e-commerce websites that store sensitive customer information like credit cards. This is testing user permissions, restrict unauthorized downloads, check sessions are automatically killed after prolonged user inactivity.

At Tricky Defects, we can make the above happen.