Coding Essentials for Testers

Course fees: £595.00

Course date: 27-28 March 2019

Location: London


Learning Objectives

By the end of the course you should know the following:

  • Understand what key areas of coding a tester requires
  • Understand how code can be used within technical testing
  • Be able to evaluate developer code for testing purposes
  • Understand how to code effectively to create automation frameworks
  • Understand database essentials required for testing
  • Coding fundamentals of object orientated languages such as Java and C#
  • Understand the essential coding required for other technical testing tasks


Preferable to have 12 months experience within software testing.

Course Topics:

  • Programming
  • The Tools
  • An introduction to code sytnax
  • Packages and Libraries
  • Compiling code
  • Version Control
  • APIs
  • Classes
  • Types and Objects
  • Variables
  • Methods and Parameters
  • Advanced Object Orientated Principles (inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism)
  • An introduction to SQL
  • A look at the DOM
  • An introduction to HTML
  • An introduction to XPath and CSS
  • An introduction to javascript
  • Unit tests
  • Test Fixtures and assertions
  • Test Execution
  • Code Comments
  • Coding Style