Not everyone wants to commit to a long term automation investment but at the same time companies realise the importance of performing automation regression or automation smoke tests giving quick feedback.

Tricky Defects offer our Automation – Test Factory project as the solution for this. This is purely on a pay as you go basis. You can pay for as little or as much test automation with no long term commitment. We simply assess your application under test, provide the best automation tool to work with that application and you decide how much coverage you need. You only pay for the tests you require.

  • Step 1. We will assess your project automation complexity
  • Step 2. We will quote you a pay as you go cost for each test you wish to run.
  • Step 3. You decide on how many tests you want to run and when you want to run them. Simply as a PAY AS YOU GO service you just pay for the tests which you will keep. If you want new tests created, you only pay for these as and when required. NO COMITTMENT. It really is as simple as that.

Please, contact us for more information and we will help you achieve this activity in most time and cost effective manager.

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