Test automation using the right technlologies, tools and resources is really key to getting quality software released on time particularly in agile projects in a cost effective manner. That is why our project based solution makes sure that the strategy for automation is right and we use the right technologies suited to your business needs. Our Project based automation solution allows you get you a good return on your investment in automation on your project. Our automated functional testing tools are generally either open sourced – Selenium being a popular choice or licenced if this suits the clients needs like for example HP UFT. Our automation testing principles are heavily BDD based using technologies such as Specflow to drive acceptance tests that are tightly coupled to the required behaviours of the application under test but we also automate on waterfall projects that require large amounts of regression testing. Whilst on waterfall projects, automation is an option we feel strongly that on a truly agile project automated testing is not an option but a must have to be able to constantly regression test the new builds that are so frequent in the agile world.

Our testing is done off client site and thus we can offer prices that our competitors simply can’t match which allows for affordable automated testing not compromised by quality. Through Automation and Continuous Integration we help you reduce your time to market, improve efficiency and increase the confidence through increased quality of your software. We let the automation do what the manual testers don’t have to allowing you to test better and smarter!

Our Automated Project Based Solution will offer:

  • Automation Strategy
    • Decision Tools Analysis and Selection
    • Proof of Concept
    • Scripting and Maintenance
  • Training and Mentoring